nerd_funk – Ali Eslami & Mamali Shafahi (2018-2022)

nerd_funk is a collaboration between VR and visual artist and developer @alless0 Ali Eslami and visual and video artist @mamali_shafahi Mamali Shafahi. Both artists are members of the first post-internet, social media generation and share a fascination for the way in which new digital tools and social media as an ephemeral phenomenon influence our contemporary digital culture and visual expressions.
nerd_funk is a 5 chapter-based VR work that I had a great time working on as producer. The project started in 2018 with their approach towards Instagram as an archive, where they began to capture Instagram Stories of over 1000 people.

Each chapter of this work has its own VR installation, the first two chapters were awarded the Golden Calf for Best Interactive at @nederlandsfilmfestival in 2020.

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