Kyle McDonald and Ranjit Bhatnagar – Highsight (2015)

Highsight is a project by the amazing @kcimc and #ranjitbhatnagar. It is a virtual bungee jump through a real space, co-commissioned by @cinekidfestival’s MediaLab and @strpeindhoven . At Cinekid, the visitors were strapped into a special harness and an Oculus Rift that showed a livestream from a camera on a wire hung from the ceiling. What was exceptionally special about this was that this was the first ever live connection made in a VR device through an external camera. The participant would be looking through the eyes of the camera, meandering through a playful diorama, and ultimately dropping through the bottom of a box that was specially created by multiple artists, ultimately landing into the crowd.

It was my favourite out of a long series of commissions done during my time at Cinekid MediaLab

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